Please could customers contact us via email in the first instance whilst we make changes in response to covid-19. There will be more email cover than telephone cover and you may receive a response more efficiently via email.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Cancel My Account

If you have any other questions about cancelling your account or need any help you can contact us on 0161 7111009.

Step One - Sign In

Sign in to your Knowso account via the Sign In button at the top of this page. Enter your email and password. If you have forgotten your password select the ‘Forgotten Password’ link and we’ll send you a reminder email

Step Two - Open Profile Page

Navigate to the My Profile page by clicking on your name. There you will see a button to ‘Cancel My Account’. This is located in the ‘Cancel My Account’ panel.

Step Three - Cancel Account

When you select the ‘Cancel My Account’ button, you will be presented with the following pop up. Click, ‘Yes, I Want to Cancel’ to confirm your account cancellation. After that, you will no longer be charged, nor have access to your account.

Refund Policy

A member may request a refund, cancel or terminate this agreement at any time by calling us at 0161 7111009 or by notifying us in writing at: Customer Services, Knowso, c/o Leadtech Ltd, 61 Bridge Street, Kington, HR5 3DJ

Knowso confirms that any Member is permitted to request a refund, cancel or terminate this agreement, subject to the below restrictions, at any time by:

  • calling us on 0161 7111009
  • emailing on
  • writing to us at Customer Services, Knowso, c/o Leadtech Ltd, 61 Bridge Street, Kington, HR5 3DJ

Please note: refunds will be given only in limited circumstances, being cases where Members can show that fraudulent activity was involved in the creation of their Membership and/or in the event of our partial or complete non-performance or inadequate performance or absence of delivery of the agreed upon services to the Member.

Please note: where a Member uses the services provided by Knowso (for example, registers for Membership and provides payment details using a credit and/or debit card and further validates themselves) then services have been determined and it is agreed that they have been rendered. It is hereby stated that except in the circumstances outlined above, a member forfeits the ability to demand a full refund since services have been rendered.

In order to clarify the basis of the relationship between Knowso/Leadtech Ltd and the Member, Members are made aware that as soon as a sign up occurs for the Membership, services have been delivered for that day and the month in which that day features; until the Member cancels the membership, the services are considered to have been delivered each and every day and month thereafter. Knowso and Leadtech Ltd reserve the right to terminate this Agreement (i.e. cancel the Membership) upon giving a Member one week's notice (save for where there are serious grounds for doing so without notice). If this should occur, we will only credit the Member’s credit card or debit card with an amount equivalent to the remaining days left in the Membership month; that is, a pro-rata refund. For avoidance of doubt, we will not issue a refund to the Member’s card for the entire month(s) charges or previous months charges because the service was being used and active. Once Membership is terminated we will not be required to continue to provide the said services to that Member after the termination of said Membership.

Any Member may terminate this Agreement (and cancellation of Membership) by giving one week's notice using the contact details provided within this Policy.

Termination of this Agreement (and cancellation of Membership) will be effective within one week of the receipt by us of the Member's cancellation request or the issuance of our notice to the Member. If the termination is effective within any Trial Period as may have been offered at the time of signing-up then no Membership Fees will have been payable or will be payable by the Member; therefore, no Membership Fees will be re-credited to the Member's account. However, if the termination is effective at any time after any Trial Period as may have been offered at the time of signing-up, then the Member will not owe any further Membership Fees in addition to those Membership Fees that are already due or which have been paid and, to confirm, the Member will not be entitled to a refund of any past Membership Fees charged to the Member's account (save for cases where there has been inadequate performance by us); and entitlement to access, make use of or benefit from Membership (including the Credit Reporting Service) shall cease as at the end of the period for which the Member has paid.


At the time that a Member signs up and agrees to receive our services, the Member provides us with a continuous payment authority ("CPA") so that we can collect payments automatically from a bank account using the debit card or the credit card that you nominate for this purpose.

There are occasions when a Member may be entitled to a Trial Period of Membership; the terms under which any such Trial Period is offered are available on the Website which was marketed to and made clear at the point of sign-up. A Member can cancel at any time in accordance with our Terms & Conditions available via the link at the bottom of the same Website as referred to above.

After the Trial Period, the monthly Membership Fee is payable in advance and will be automatically charged at the end of the Trial Period or on Renewal by use of the aforementioned CPA.

On the occasion that an attempt to charge the payment card given for the agreed upon Membership Fee at the end of the Trial Period or at Renewal is unsuccessful then we shall make immediate attempts on that day to contact the Member by telephone, email and/or text message to establish why the Member has been unable to meet their Membership Fee obligations. The absence of such contact does not relieve the Member of the obligation to pay the Membership Fee.

If it has not been possible for us to take a successful payment for the Membership Fee at this time, we shall use "CPA" to make up to five (5) additional attempts for the full Membership Fee. Please note that we will use proportionate and reasonable efforts to use the following schedule in the interests of giving the Member the opportunity to fulfil their agreement to pay the Membership Fee for the services rendered:

  • the first follow-up attempt will be made on the first Friday following the end of the Trial Period or the date that a renewal payment was due;
  • one attempt will be made on each of the four successive Fridays following the attempt set out in the previous bullet point.

Throughout the period referred to in the above paragraphs a Member’s access to the Service may be suspended pending receipt of the Membership Fee.

We reserve the right to continue the attempts set out in the above paragraphs until payment in full has been received OR an alternative payment plan has been agreed OR all of the five further attempts as outlined above have been exhausted – at such time the Membership will be terminated by reason of the Member not fulfilling their obligations.

To cancel the CPA, a Member may contact their bank directly. Alternatively, a Member may ask us to cancel it by using the contact details found in the above paragraphs. Please be aware that if a Member does cancel, any outstanding Membership Fees will remain as owed as agreed and access to the Service will be terminated.

Knowso and Leadtech Ltd may increase or decrease the Membership Fee on fourteen days' notice on the Website and by notice by email or letter to the Member. If the Member does not agree with any such change, the Member may terminate this Agreement by:

  • calling us on 0161 7111009
  • emailing on
  • writing to us at Customer Services, Knowso, c/o Leadtech Ltd, 61 Bridge Street, Kington, HR5 3DJ

If a Member chooses to mail in a cancellation, a charge may be incurred if the cancellation is received outside of any valid Trial Period that may have been associated with the Member’s Membership; we may provide refund with reference to the date stamp appearing on the envelope at our sole discretion, otherwise the full month’s Membership Fee will be chargeable and only then will the cancellation take effect